Cover Repair

Over time boat covers deteriorate through age, general wear and tear, misuse and most commonly neglect.  Covers should be washed down regularly to remove salt deposits, bird droppings and general grime. Taking the time to keep your boat cover clean will prolong its life

Repairing any wear/failures in the cover early on will help maintain the integrity of the cover. Covers quickly breakdown when a failure in one place has a knock on impact else where. For example a strap or buckle failure can cause the cover to flap freely in windy conditions stressing seams and developing wear points, which may even cause damage to your boat.

Wave Lofts repair service covers,

  • Dinghy covers
  • Yacht covers (including winter covers)
  • Boom/sail covers
  • Spray Hoods
  • Straps
  • Bags

Wave Loft make all its own covers and have the facilities, materials, and fittings available in the workshop enabling it to offer a complete repair service including,

  • replacing straps and buckles
  • re-stitching seams
  • patching or replacing panels ( we will try to match colours where we can)
  • renewing hoop and loop tape
  • replacing zips
  • replacing eyes, grommets, cringles
  • replacing spray hood windows (we stock heavy weight clear UV stabilised PVC)

Sail Repair

Sails are exposed to extreme forces and are liable to wear and tear from the rigours of use. Damaged or failing sails can be unsafe, risking you and your crew. Sail maintenance helps you to get the maximum performance from your boat.

Wave Loft are able to effect repairs to most types of sail including,

  • batten pocket repairs
  • patches (we will match up to existing seams with multi point ziz zag stitching)
  • repairs to leach
  • load points around the tack, head and clew
  • replacing zips
  • replacing eyes, grommets, cringles
  • replacing straps and buckles
  • replacing/repairing bolt ropes

In some cases repair work is not a viable proposition when a new cover or sail would be a better investment. If you have cover or sail that you would like repaired give us a call and we will provide you with an estimate for the repair work. We may ask for pictures in order to make a reasonable assessment. Alternatively drop by our workshop and we will let you know what we can do. Please call first 01326 378993.

Repair can sometimes be more cost effective than replacement - especially if faults are dealt with early on


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