Wave Loft offer a custom made service providing covers and other textile based products designed to meet customer specific requirements. This includes but is not limited to;

  • Sailing dinghies (not held in our pattern library)
  • Bespoke sailing dinghies
  • Development class dinghies (Merlin Rocket, National 12, International 14, etc)
  • RIBs
  • Rowing boats
  • Small motor boats
  • Sailing yachts
  • Motor yachts
  • Jet skis

The Wave Loft custom made service includes covers, canopies, sail bags, foil bags, mast bags, winter storage covers, sail/boom covers, dodgers, binnacle and console covers, clew straps, hatch covers, winch covers, hiking straps, lee cloths, spray hoods and other custom made textile based solutions for your boating needs.

 If we havent got a pattern for your boat we can quickly shape a pattern to meet your needs. Completing the Wave Loft measurement form provides all the detail we need to create a pattern and produce you a perfect cover. Customers can place an enquiry with us either by phone or e-mail. Wave Loft can guide you in obtaining the measurements required in order for a quote to prepared. If the quote is acceptable detailed measurements can be provided by the customer, or by Wave Loft dependent on the complexity of the cover to be made, and the location of the boat. Provided below for down load are Wave Loft measurement forms.

Dinghy Measurement Form

Wave Loft dinghy measurement form (pdf)

Dinghy Measurement Form

Wave Loft dinghy measurement form (doc)

RIB Measurement Form

Wave Loft RIB measurement form (pdf)

RIB Measurement Form

Wave Loft RIB measurement form (doc)


Tel: 01326 378993    Email: info@waveloft.com